How to Avoid Distracted Driving on the Road with Kids

Traveling with family is exciting and adventurous in its own amusing way. You get enough time to interact and connect with your children while they are seated next to you or at the back of your seat. However, road trips get a little tough when you’re driving with kids. The young passengers may call for a need anytime they feel like and that may result in distracted driving. However, with a few necessary arrangements and planning, you can cherish a memorable road trip and reduce the dangers of distracted driving. 

Here are 5 simple ways to reduce driving distraction with kids;

1.    The Mirror Hack

  • Do your little passengers get bored especially on long route road trips? Do they moan for not being able to move freely? Let the apple of your eye know you’re there and paying attention to them by placing a clean mirror in the middle of the dashboard. Doing this, your toddler will easily see your face and you’ll be able to focus on the road and drive safely with reduced distraction.

2.    Pack the Snack

  • You know your kids and their all-time-favourites very well. Kids may feel hungry or thirsty at any moment on the road so it’s better to arrange it for them beforehand. Keep their favourite pack of snacks and non-spilling juices accessible. This will keep them busy while you reach your destination.

3.    Sing Along

  • Another very engaging activity is to play their favourite songs, sing along and let them know you’re there listening to them. You can keep your focus on the road and sing with your kids all at the same time using the kids’ mirror to make them comfortable.

4.    Save the Day with Cartoons, Music, and Stories

  • Install a mini tab or device where they can watch their favourite This safe driving hack comes in handy on long route road trips. You can even put audio stories on and they might take a nap.

5.    Virtues of a Helping Hand

  • Have a fellow adult next to your kids, if you can. Yes, you’re a responsible parent but you cannot practically be everywhere at the same time. An extra hand in the shape of an adult can count as a great help to keep your kids engaged and comfortable.


When your kids reach the stage where they’re curious and excited to know about everything, it is the best time to teach them the traffic rules and road safety. The kids tend to remember lessons the most at two significant times. When its bedtime and while they’re traveling and observing the world.

Distracted driving is any activity other than driving. According to the research conducted by, drunk driving, texting on the phone, navigating the map and to your surprise, talking to people in your car can distract you from safe driving.

Having young passengers in the backseat who require constant care and attention can make you lose attention from the road. With simple arrangements and precautions, you can avoid distracted driving and have an entertaining road trip with happy kids at the back of your seat.

It is as important to keep your attention on the road as it is to take care of your kids’ needs for their safety.


Here’s a complete set of essentials you may need on a road trip with kids.


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