Summer Road Trips with Kids – An Essentials Guide!

Family trips are one of the best times to create unforgettable memories and strengthen the parent-children bond. Road trips top the list where we get the most opportunity to spend time with kids and interact with them. However, a family road trip is filled with a list of possibilities especially if you have young kids at the back of your car. The emotions can vary from excitement to irritability when the kids feel bored or frustrated being in a stationary position for a long time.

Summers come with the best time for vacation. A summer road trip can be a blast if planned in the right way. The key is to have the right tools at the right time, be it a long route trip or a day out. Here’s a list of must-have summer road trip essentials to make the next trip pleasurable for kids and parents alike.

The Ultimate Essentials Checklist for Summer Road Trip with Kids

1.    First Aid Kit

The one thing that should never be forgotten. Make your own customized first aid kit with painkillers, band-aids, and pain relieving gel, a hot/cold pack and prescriptions along with the prescribed medicines. If your kids are asthmatic or suffer from sinusitis, be sure to keep their inhalers intact. Same goes for young colic ones. Keep an extra bottle of the belly ache relieving drops.

2.    Portable Games

Your young ones might get a little bored at the back seat. Ensure they have their favourite portable toys. The best thing to keep them busy is a board game. They’d interact and entertain each other. Educational board games make playtime productive and let you have some quality time with your kids on the go. Having one of these games on a road trip is a must.

3.    Wet Wipes and Bibs

Yes, the more the better. Have as many packs of wet wipes as possible. Not only for changing the stinky diapers, but these wipes come in handy most of the times when your kids have just ended their snacks or spilled some juice. One more thing you’d desperately need are bibs to save the day. The silicon bibs are really convenient to carry around and clean after feeding the baby.

4.    Hand Sanitizer

You won’t have enough water or space to clean your hands and the unplanned hungry bellies can cry anytime. Ensure to have a bottle of hand sanitizer to keep your kids clean and healthy.

5.    Extra Hangers or Hooks

You might have never thought of this one before. Some super convenient hooks and hangers make life on the go as easy as ABC. A road trip with kids means a lot of stuff to keep and carry. Buggy hooks will be your extra hands to hold handbags, baby bags, and water bottles and let your shoulders blow a sigh of relief.

It’s better to plan before heading out and keep yourself intact with everything you might need in the middle of the road trip with kids. Can you think of more? Share your ideas in comments.

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