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Every parent wants to go an extra mile for their kid – to fetch some added safety, to buy some additional fun, to bring some more learning. At Cosy Angel, we develop unique products for children that solve problems no other products can.

Who We Are

Born out of love, care and passion for children, Cosy Angel Ltd is a UK based family owned business with an objective to create specialty products that assist in reinforcing children's safety, learning and development.

Every Cosy Angel product is visualized, designed and developed with utmost care and attention to detail. Our products boast a tasteful and ergonomic design that goes well with what children and parents demand. At Cosy Angel, we take safety very seriously. Each and every product meets international European Union standards for safety and quality.

Being the innovator and disruptor in baby products' space, we are always visualizing and imagining new products that we can bring to kids and parents offering a perfect balance of value, quality, performance and service.

We are always planning to bring something new to our online store and you can stay up to date by signing up to our VIP Club. Every VIP gets timely notifications of latest news, recent developments and exclusive offers and promotions. It should be noted that we highly value your privacy and time and the personal information you share with us is only used to send helpful content.

Cosy Angel stands behind every product it sells. We take immense pride in the work and preparation we put into each product and expect it to give full value to every customer. That's why we offer a full warranty to all our customers and provide prompt support for queries, concerns and suggestions.


Cosy Angel: The Story of a Mother


Call me Szilvia Angyal. I am a highly seasoned and skilful tailor and designer with more than 10 years of experience in childcare. London’s weather doesn’t change quickly enough as my roles as a person do. I constantly switch between the roles of entrepreneur, designer, sister, wife, creator, and, the most favourite amongst all, a mother to a beautiful baby boy. Ryan.

In July 2015, I laid the foundation of this small beautiful company Cosy Angel, with a hope to share my love and passion with fellow parents bringing them smart, helpful, educative and fun products for their kids. My company’s philosophy is very simple, we bring creativity and hard work together to design and develop high-quality products for parents that provide value for money and fulfil parents’ demands. To say it in fewer words, our customers are our best friends and we want them to be happy!

My journey as a mom, both to Ryan and Cosy Angel has just begun and I look forward to creating more products that can help fellow parents and guardians. Please join me on this amazing journey!

For any inquiries or if you just feel like saying hello, contact me anytime at customerservice@cosyangel.com


Cosy Angel Limited

50 Ivy Drive, Lightwater, Tel.: 07872053011, Company registration:09622364