Fun Summer Activities for Kids to Try at Home

Summer time is around the corner and our kids are all hyped to make the most out of it. It’s the time when they build memories and ask for vacations, trips and picnics. Instead of pulling out your wallet to spend on movie tickets and adventure parks, try these fun indoor activities that are sure to make these holidays a well spent family time! While these indoor activities won’t make up for a vacation album, these budget-friendly ideas will surely fill the long summer days with some productive and developmental activities in a fun way.

Here’s what to do with your Kids during Summer Holidays

1.    Art and Craft

Crafting is the one activity that keeps kids engaged and happy for long hours. As attractive and imaginative it sounds, it is also messy and requires supervision. Make your kids a separate small art studio where they can paint and make things they like. Art is a counterproductive activity that keeps children of any age busy and entertained just like they’d feel outside.

2.    Educational Toys

Spend time with your kids playing with them. This is just the right time when your kids have all of their attention and focus to one thing, fun! They’ll be as stress free as they can be and this is the right time to let them learn new thing the fun way. Use building blocks, audio stories and other educational toys to indulge with your kids and build stronger bonds.

3.    Play Board games

Board games enhance cognitive ability and improves their memory and associating skills. For kids learning to hold pencil, board games can also develop better motor skills. Give your kid this smart tooth puzzle game that aims to teach them healthy eating and flossing habits. In a world full of tablets and electronic devices, give your kids your valuable time and productive summer activities they’ll cherish forever.

4.    Indoor Summer Pools

This is the one indoor activity your kids will find most interesting. Use backyard or garden area to splash some water and play water games.

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5.    Teach them what they like

Kids tend to have academic pressure throughout the year at schools. Summer Holidays are the times when they do not have to worry about any tests or quizzes. Let them explore their hidden talents by involving them in activities like gardening, baking, cooking, painting, singing, dancing and anything else they like. It will help in enhancing their creativity and you may find what they’ll grow up to be.

There are several ways to let your kids enjoy their time at home instead of spending hours in front of screens and devices. When parents indulge in kids’ activities, they develop stronger bonds and connection with them. Summer holidays are just the right time to build these bonds and unforgettable memories for life. Can you think of more home friendly ways to engage your kids during summer time holidays? Let us know in comments.


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