What to do if your kids hate bath time

Does your kid hate bath time? Don’t worry mums and dads, you’re definitely not alone! Actually, kids who don’t want to take a bath or used to like it and suddenly hated it, are one of the most common parenting struggles we have. There are many different reasons for this behavior and it’s not all the same but here are a few common ones that cause the troublesome time.

  • Fear of water or soap getting in their faces and eyes
  • Fear of imaginary creatures in the bath
  • Imagining themselves drowning or getting sucked down the drain – kids are highly imaginative!
  • Fear of bed time which means an end to a fun activity or day
  • Fear of the cold

But fret not. Observing your kids and the reasons behind their bath time fears can help you manage and make bath time fun and enjoyable again for them. Given the common reasons and fears I mentioned above, here are some tried and tested ways of turning bath time tantrums into splash time fun!

  • Keep the suds off their eyes and faces. This is a painful experience that can entirely change their behavior towards bath. Use tear free shampoo and cleansers and get them a cool bath visor to keep the suds and water off their faces especially when you wash their hair. Also keep a dry towel near so they are confident that they can wipe their faces easily.
  • Get into a routine. Make bath time an enjoyable routine by making it the first step before a massage, a story time or pillow fights. They will see it as part of a fun activity with you rather than an end to one.
  • If they fear the imaginary creatures and monsters, get them bath friends so they can be comforted! These squeaky cute toys will be their “defenders” and team mates. If they ask to bring their dolls so they can give them a bath too, let them. Kids learn a lot by role playing.


  • Help them get comfortable with water and acclimatize to the temperature by letting them sit in an empty tub. Gradually fill up with water and adjust the temperature as you go along. This will minimize their fear or drowning or getting sucked into the drain than when you immediately “dunk” them into a filled tub.
  • Music can make wonders! Keep a portable music player (at a safe distance from the water) and use music to make bath time more relaxed and soothing. Play their favorite songs, rhymes, or nature sounds like that of jungle or ocean to keep them entertained and calm.

We have some amazing bath toys with a matching organiser that you can check out from our website. I also personally like the Crayola’s bath drops and washable crayons.

I hope you find the solution you’re looking for. And remember, don’t beat yourself too much over it. We have a hundred and one challenges as parents, but trust that you will always find what works best for you and your little ones in time.






















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  • Thanks for sharing. Useful resource for new moms

    Meghna Dixit
  • Jules used to struggle with bath time, especially with washing and rinsing her hair. We have been really careful to keep the water and soap out of her eyes and now she loves it! She “swims” and kicks and splashes around for as long as we’ll let her!

    Jamie @ madrediem
  • This is great! Thankfully, my four-month-old seems to like bath time now… but I know that could change at any minute! These really are some great tips that I will keep in my back pocket in case she flips a switch.

    Sarah Frank

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