Easter is just the beginning of anticipation of what's to come but in itself, it's a fantastic holiday that brings chuckles and spirit of happiness for not only grownups but our little ones as well. It's the start of spring season, full of hope and joys. 

As freezing temperatures tend to subside, we breathe a sigh of relief and welcome the spring with a dedicated holiday. Here are a few ways, you can make it extra special for your kids! 

Go Beyond Dyeing Easter Eggs

While it can be an immensely joyful activity for your kids to dye eggs using a kit, there are multiple different ways to beautify the Easter egg. Some of them are actually more adequate for smaller hands. 

Bring in crayons, adhesive gems, stickers and more tools to give your kids a chance to come up with ultimate masterpieces. Don't restrict their imagination to crayon dyed eggs when possibilities are endless. You can try dyeing Easter eggs with shaving cream or if you're feeling more adventurous, explore these 8 absolutely creative ways to dye Easter eggs

Hide the Gifts with Eggs

When your kids find out that they wouldn't only be hunting for the Easter eggs but their special Easter basket as well, imagine the delight on their faces! This idea works wonders because your kids wake up to the expectation of hunting for one thing but find out there is a lot more to it! 

Let them know that Easter bunny has been mischievous this year. 

Color coordinating the Egg Hunt 

It's no fun when the sharpest one hunts down all the Easter eggs within minutes, at least not for the other kids. That's why it is a good idea to assign a particular colour to every kid. For example, little Julie will look for the yellow ones while Mike tries to hunt for the red ones. This way all kids get to have the thrill associated with finding fun stuff. It is inclusive and also ends up being great for the parents as well as there are no crying kids at the end of the activity. 

To make it more competitive, you can always hide one special egg which is difficult to find and comes with a special gift!

Kids Will Love Easter Bonnets 

Easter staples remain dyed eggs and candies but popular culture has brought a few more exciting things to the fore and that includes Easter bonnets. It's a customized fancy hat that will lift the Easter spirit and give one more reason to your kids to have an ear to ear smile. 

Here are a few Easter bonnet ideas to start with. You can always notch up the difficulty as you go and bring personal touch to it. 

Let’s Decorate with Kids 

What's a major holiday without traditional decorations? Especially when you sit with your kids and let their creative little minds come up with all the crazy ideas. There's nothing more fun than sitting down with your kids and preparing cool Easter decorations to give the Easter feel your home deserves.  

Check out these awesome Do It Yourself Easter decoration ideas and make people go wow!  

Let Kids Have Candy

Many parents are wary of general and dental health of children during the holiday and don't allow their kids to have candy. Relax your rules a bit as nothing adds to the happiness of your little ones as ample amount of candies do. You can make them brush with anti-sugar acid toothpaste later on to ensure their dental hygiene. You can always get the help of Cosy Angel's Super Tooth Educational Board Game to tell your little ones why it is so important to brush your teeth after eating candies. 

Hop! hop! hop! The Easter Bunny is on his way to make sure your kids have an eggs-tra special Easter holiday!

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