Fun Easter Ideas that Kids Love

Easter is just around the corner and it’s a perfect opportunity to share some creative ways to spend time and have fun with your kids. Being around children for so long, I know for sure that keeping traditions play an important part when it comes to creating a happy childhood which also contributes to a person’s general wellbeing. So take time to create and celebrate traditions with the family, and keep memories alive through photos and videos. Without further ado, here are some of Easter ideas you can enjoy with the whole family.


  1. Easter games with a twist. Whether indoor or outdoor, these are some cool games that children will surely love.
  • Easter Egg Hunt is a favourite tradition that will never go out of style. Simply hide eggs in various places inside and outside the house and let your kids hunt for their treats. You can use traditional chocolate eggs or use plastic egg shells to hold other treats like candies and jelly beans. To make it more fun, you can also add “bonus eggs” that contain special mini toys or accessories! If you have older children, why not make it a little more competitive by giving clues or riddles that they should solve to find the bonus eggs.
  • Egg Race is a fun game suitable for big families. Divide the participants into two groups and mark out a start and finish line. Let the players form two lines. Each person will be given their own spoons but the (boiled) eggs should be passed on to the next person until the last player reaches the finish line. Make it into a simple relay game or make it challenging and more fun by putting an obstacle course.
  • Guess the Number (and dance!) is an indoor game that you can play in case the weather outside is not favourable. Simply fill a clear jar with chocolates, candies or other treats. Challenge the kids to guess the correct number of eggs or treats inside the jar and let them write it down on a piece of paper. Whoever guess the right number or the closest one will get to take home the full jar! But before giving away the jar, ask the winner to do a quick dance or song number – and make sure your video camera is ready!
  1. Involve your kids in the preparations. What better way to bond over this Easter holiday than asking your kids to help you with the home décor or in the kitchen preps. Paint eggs in different ways, bake yummy cookies or make bunny chocolates as giveaways for guests.

Easy DIY ideas to decorate Easter eggs, please click here.

Thanks to online resources, we are in no shortage of tutorials or easy and yummy recipes that we can try during this season. My personal favorite is making the classic hot cross buns which is more suited for older children. For younger ones, try the no bake Easter egg rocky road. I also find making fruity popsicles very easy and healthy too! Simply chop your fruits of choice like mangoes, berries and kiwis, fill up the popsicle molds with milk or yogurt and add a bit of honey. Freeze for at least two hours and you have a cool treat waiting for the kids after they finish their egg hunt.

  1. Hold a storytelling session. Make Easter more significant and meaningful by holding a storytelling session to explain to your children why Christians are celebrating Easter and what it really means. Use drawings and illustrations to help them understand Christ’s resurrection and how it symbolises new life and hope. Remember, kids love stories, so they will understand and remember the true meaning of Easter better!

I hope you have a fun and meaningful Easter! If you have more tips and recipes, I’d love to hear them on the comment section.


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