DIY Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and if you haven’t bought a gift for the most special man of the house, we’re here to save you!

We know how busy everyday can get, so the Cosy Angel team decided to round up five really simple DIY gift ideas that moms and kids can do together after school or on a weekend afternoon. Don’t be tempted to buy that coffee mug off the store rack because all you’ll need is one to two hours and you’ll be able to come up with gifts that dads will love and use!

Make sure to sneak and be secretive while doing your project to make sure he’ll be surprised!

  1. Design a Father’s Day Trophy

The perfect gift especially for sports fanatics. This neat craft for older kids only requires card boards, bottles or cans, glue gun, pair of scissors, art paper, markers, glitters and tassels. Start by drawing or printing a trophy image to serve as your template. Cut out the trophy shape from old card boards, paste it on a bottle or can which will serve as its stand, and decorate it using sparkling glitters and colorful tassels. Make sure to add a “BEST DAD or CHAMPION DAD” text using art paper and colorful markers. Check out this tutorial and put your creative hats on!

  1. Bake His Favorite Sweets

There’s nothing like homemade cake or cookies for the number one man in our life. You can also make cupcakes and surprise him by sending them to his office. Or why not let Martha Stewart guide you with these 20 classic brownie recipes to choose from!


  1. Handprint Greeting Card

Get your hands colorful and dirty with some toxic-free poster paints and create your very own handprint Father’s Day greeting card. This is a great idea for bigger families with kids of different ages as you will have several handprints in various sizes. Aside from making a greeting card, you can also create other hand or footprint artworks that you can frame or use as decors for the kids’ room. Easy, fun and always looks amazing!

  1. Personalised Diary

Head to the nearby bookstore, get a nice diary or notebook with plain cover, a sheet of letter transfer stickers (the thicker the better), and personalise it the way you want! Check out this classy ‘Best Dad Ever’ leather notebook. Isn’t it beautiful?  

  1. Scribble Shirt

You’ll only need three things for this project: Plain white men’s shirt, fabric pens and a ruler. Lay the shirt flat on a table, and using a black pen and ruler, draw a perfect square in front. Then make it more fun by arming your toddlers with colourful pens and asking them to scribble anything they like inside the square. You’ll be surprised how artsy it can turn out to be!

From your Cosy Angel team, we wish all dads around the world a Happy Father’s Day!



  • My father is almost impossible to buy for, so these suggestions are much appreciated. I love the idea of making custom journals as gifts. It’s such an elegant, thoughtful gesture.

  • What a fun post! The trophy was my absolute favorite idea. My husband would love that in his office :)

    Olivia Armistead
  • This is absolutely a great gift ideas for fathers day and I’m sure my hubby would love this He love any kind of DIY

    Angela Milnes
  • These are such awesome ideas! Plus, they’re easy to get kids involved too!

  • Great last minute ideas! Thank you because these are always hard to come by!

    Audria A.

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