Best Christmas Gifts for Loved Ones Abroad

Can you smell the air? Christmas season is here! And while you are expertly completing this year’s gift list, chances are, you are still unsure what to get for your loved ones overseas. The high cost of sending gifts by post, and the uncertainties of receiving them in time (or might even get lost) for Christmas can be a little too daunting.

We’ll take a little weight off your shoulders by rounding up the best gifts that you can get your family and friends living abroad. These gifts will sure make them feel like they are home!

  1. Gift Baskets. Whether you want to send fruits, chocolates, flowers, baked good, snacks, or all of these, there are so much options of online stores to choose from! You can choose from pre-packaged gift baskets that are usually customised per season, and you even have options to personalise them with especially printed ribbons and gift cards. Our expert advise? Search for an online store within the city of your loved ones abroad. Chances are, they offer free shipping! Sending gifts across Europe? Check Gifts for Europe. How about to the United States? Gift Tree is a great choice!

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  1. Handmade accessories. This is the perfect gift for family or friends who recently moved and might be home sick this holiday season. Handmade accessories such as trinkets, scarves or beanies are lightweight gifts that won’t cost you a bomb to ship.
  2. Gift Cards or Cash. If you want to be practical, then it’s not a bad thing to consider sending gift cards or even cash! Gift cards to your loved one’s favourite store will be a welcome treat as it will give them some license to shop for the holidays. Gift cards are also easy to slip into a Christmas card. On the other hand, transferring cash is instant nowadays! It’s safe, and you will know that your loved ones will spend it on something they really need or like.
  3. Video Message. If you are on a tight budget, why not make something really personal? A collection of digital photos or a homemade video will surely warm your loved ones’ hearts and let them know that you think about them. With any smart phone and loads of user-friendly free editing Apps such as Quik, making a video is easy, fun and won’t cost you a single cent!
  4. Shop for gifts online. Take advantage of the wonders of e-commerce and shop for gifts online! Often than not, online shopping sites offer gift wrapping service so you can send gifts directly to your loved ones anywhere in the world! You still get to experience the joy of shopping, without the hassle of personally going to the post to send your gift. Established online sites offer wide variety of products and great deals especially during holiday season! For those who love unique pieces, visit Etsy. You also have Ebay, and of course, Amazon! Kids will surely love receiving toys and educational games like our very own Supertooth Board Game which is now on buy 3 for the price of 2 promotion! Perfect gift for kids as it’s not only fun, but also develops memory, matching skills, social skills and teaches them about balanced food and good oral habits.


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We wish you find the best gifts for your loved ones abroad or otherwise!




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  • You are so right! Christmas is in the air and really giving is the spirit we all celebrate! Thanks for the tips!


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