10 Affordable Family Activities for Summer

summer activitiesSummer is the perfect time to go out, explore and enjoy activities with the family. The weather is inviting, kids are on breaks and everything is just bright and sunny. While you might want to schedule a big out of town or overseas vacation during this season, you can also opt to stay in town and do free or almost free activities for the kids and the whole family.

  1. Be Crafty. Channel your inner creativity by hosting craft classes for your kids and their friends. You can do pottery, scrapbooking, beadworks or sewing. The options are endless! You only need to spend on the materials, but if you have a bigger budget, why not hire a teacher for a day? It’s a mini project that your kids will never forget.
  2. Bike Tours. Keep your kids active all season by going on bike runs, or even more fun, bike parades! Dress up their bikes and give them a map of the neighborhood to explore. You can even make it more challenging by putting flags that they should collect in exchange for small prizes. Make sure that they wear safety gears and that the neighborhood is biker friendly. Otherwise, join them instead.
  3. Learn History. Museums are normally taken for granted and left for school tours. However, visiting museums are mostly free and can teach kids about history and culture. Start mapping your local museums and you’ll be surprised how many interesting places you’ve missed.
  4. Salute Day. Another cool idea is to bring your kids to the stations of local heroes such as the policemen or firefighters. Call in advance to ensure that public visit is allowed.
  5. Train your little athletes. Turn your backyard into a mini boot camp where your kids can complete different obstacle courses. For ideas on making your own with things you’ll probably find in your garage, please check here. Kids are highly energetic and it’s a good way to spend their energies and tire them out for the day.
  6. Neighborhood Quiz Night. You don’t need to go to cafes and bars for quiz night, you can create your own! Invite your neighbors for a night of barbeque and pop quizzes for the kids. It’s a fun way to socialise and learn at the same time.
  7. Classic Picnics. Public parks are most beautiful during summer, so take advantage of it. Prepare mini sandwiches, cheese slices and cut fruits. Bring your picnic blankets, some comfy mini pillows, playing cards and your favorite board games and you’re good to go!
  8. Go for a swim. Whether you fancy pools, lakes or the beach, summer is definitely the perfect time to swim and enjoy the sun. Start the day early, pack some healthy snacks and cold drinks, and cool down in a public pool or beach. Make sure to plan ahead and protect your family from harmful UV rays by following our sun safety tips. Bring these adorable bath toys, too!
  9. The makings of a junior master chef. Introduce your kids into the kitchen by teaching them basic cooking or baking skills. There are lots of simple, kid-friendly recipes like cookies and muffins that are available online. One of my favorites is Oreo Cake Pops. Remember to supervise them at all times especially around stoves and ovens.
  10. Make home videos. With the advent of smart phones, making home movies has never been easier. Take video snaps of your family doing various summer activities, edit them via free and simple mobile video editing apps and presto, you have a precious memory to keep long after summer is done.

You don’t have to break the bank to fully enjoy a wonderful summer with your family. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of research and a dose of creativity. Hope you try one (or all) of the activities we listed and let us know how it goes!










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  • We’re doing some chopped style dinners this summer with friends. Kinda can’t wait and hope we have enough space in my kitchen!

  • We will be making the most out of our historic sites, those are my favourite and my local sites often do free days during the summer! Woot!

  • Wow, these are great ideas for little or no cost. Its nice to see that no electronic devices were included in any of your suggestions.

    Evelyn Reese

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