Why You’ll Love Cosy Angel’s Silicone Bibs

There’s no doubt that feeding our children can be really stressful especially for first time parents. We worry about whether our child eats enough quantity and variety of food, or if they are getting ample nutrition. Then there are other challenges such as picky eating and teething problems which leave our little ones grumpy at the dining table.

Amongst all these issues, we also can’t deny that feeding mess is not fun at all. It takes so much time to clean up the baby chair, the floor and then wash heavily stained clothes! So if something can help to make feeding time less messy and more fun, wouldn’t you be happy to have one?

It is for this reason that Silicone Bibs are heaven-sent! But before we delve deeper into the benefits of using silicone bibs, let’s first talk about one thing: why use silicone?

Silicone is a non-toxic polymer made from silica or better known as sand. It can withstand heating and freezing without leaching hazardous chemicals which may contaminate food. It is also odor and stain-resistant, hypoallergenic (meaning there’s no pores to harbor bacteria), and very easy to clean. In a nutshell, silicone does not carry any of the health hazards of plastics, which are proven to contribute to higher risks of obesity, neurological and immune disorders, and alarmingly, a wide range of cancers. This is because of the “plasticizers” which make plastic softer and malleable, of which the most commonly known is BPA.

It’s no wonder why silicone has been gaining popularity as a better choice to replace many of kids’ products. It’s sturdy and shatter-proof just like plastic, without the harmful chemicals and toxins. While glass and metals are also safe choices, their characteristics do not fit other essential baby gears such as nipples, feeding cups and yes – bibs!

Now that you know more why silicone is a great choice, let’s go back and talk about how silicone bibs can help parents and children enjoy more time with less mess. Aside from the obvious benefit of avoiding food from splattering all over the place because of its wide food catcher, silicone bibs are also eco-friendly. A pair can literally last the whole time that your kids need them. It is smooth so it’s easy to clean, with no crevices to trap dirt and food particles. It is reusable, and because it’s heat-proof, you can throw it in the washer with no worries.

If that’s not enough reason, listen to this - it saves you money. Cloth bibs not only fail at catching food particles, they need to be washed and dried, and will naturally be worn out and stained after some time. Using silicone bibs mean you don’t have to keep on buying new ones, nor waste your child’s clothing which, by the way, can be really expensive nowadays!

Lastly, it saves you something more precious than money. It saves you your time, which is better spent playing with your kids, or reading them books, or relaxing with your spouse. Parents on the go will also appreciate that it’s foldable and is so easy to carry. And to make things sweeter, the Cosy Angel Silicon Bibs were carefully designed in the UK to be comfortable and stylish, your kids will love wearing them!

Raising a child is not an easy job, and it’s an ongoing one - 24 hours, 7 days a week. And if you can find comfort in simple things that make parenting a bit easier, even in a form of soft colorful and safe silicone bibs, by all means do so.

We wish you happier meal times!

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