Making New Year Goals as a Family

Now is the time for most people to reflect on the year that passed and prepare for the new beginning that each fresh year brings. It’s also the most common time to set new goals and improve upon the things that need fixing.

The tricky portion is how to stick to our resolutions. We tend to start out strong but it’s so common to fall behind after a few months, especially if you are sticking to goals on your own. Setting goals with a group will ensure that you have more accountability and will make it a little easier for you to stick to your resolutions and succeed in kicking a bad habit or achieving something you’ve always wanted.

Setting resolutions as a family is even better. Not only do you benefit from higher chances of succeeding, it’s also a great way to teach our kids self-discipline and goal-setting. But how do we make new year resolutions more effective for the whole family? Follow these doable tips that will surely benefit the whole household.

Do it as a family

Set a night to sit down as a family to reflect and set your goals. Each one should take his turn to share – discuss your accomplishments, goals and things you want to improve as individuals and as a family.

Resolutions as a family can include monthly activities like hiking, playing board games, or doing social activities like joining a charity event or a fund-raising run. To make it more doable, consider common interests and other factors such as time and finances. The simpler they are, the better!

Customise your resolutions

When it comes to goal-setting, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula. Each family member is different, with various characters, motivations and needs. One thing is for sure though, everyone has room for improvements. Hence, it is important to keep in mind that for resolutions to be more effective, they must be tailor fit. If your kid hates vegetables, make a pact to discover new ways of presenting and eating vegetables whether it’s monthly new recipe that you both can prepare or growing a vegetable garden to encourage your kid to eat what he or she harvested. If it’s a problem of messy rooms, start with simple rule of 10-minute cleaning every morning before breakfast. When it becomes part of their habit, it will be easier to follow.

Keep tabs

While we start strong at the beginning of the year, interest and commitment will wane as time goes on. The best way to keep tab is to set a monthly check to see how everyone is doing and how far along you are in achieving your goals. Offer support to each other by asking questions like ‘what can I do to help you achieve your goals?’. Moral support plays a key part in boosting a person’s confidence.

Create a chart that you can post on the fridge, with monthly stickers or stars to celebrate each milestone.

Why not do your monthly check over a nice BBQ in the yard with board and card games too? Fun and fruitful at the same time!

Reward System

Meeting a goal is very rewarding, and what better way to celebrate as a family than acknowledging a bad habit gone or losing the stubborn ten pounds. Rewards don’t have to be big, it can be as simple as going on an out of town camping trip or a day at your family’s favourite theme park at the end of every year.

Even if your kids don’t achieve their goals completely, acknowledge the progress and the effort that come with it and discuss how they can do better.

At the end of the day, resolutions should be a guide and not set in stone. Flexibility is as important. Lastly, be a role model! Kids look up to their parents and emulate their habits. Hence, the best thing we can do is to walk the talk ourselves.





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