Keep your Home Baby-Friendly with Furniture Safety

What a memorable moment it is when your darling little one starts moving and cruising around the home by his/herself! Parents delight in watching their baby learn to crawl around the home, slowly learn to stand on his/her two feet, and start walking. It is such a special time in the baby’s life, and surely one which creates memories that are cherished for life.

Now, the one challenge that you must pay close attention to during this important time of the baby’s life is home safety. Now that your toddler has begun new explorations of the house by his/herself, you must protect your little one from any potential dangers around the house.

Why? Because the home is full of heavy furniture that can tip over, not to mention sharp corners coming out of every surface! Little babies and toddlers do not know how to protect themselves from these unfamiliar things, and they can easily get hurt while they are learning to move on their own.

Although it is gruesome and terrible to hear, the harsh reality is that every two weeks, a baby in this world dies because a piece of furniture or an appliance topples over them. In addition to that, 32,000 babies are taken to emergency rooms each year because of furniture-related injuries.

So what can you do to ensure that your baby’s important process of learning to walk is completely safe and injury-free? We have presented you with some tips to apply to the house and maximize furniture safety for your movin’ and cruisin’ toddler.

Furniture Safety Straps

Furniture safety straps exist to securely fasten any furniture or appliance to the wall or floor and guarantee that it cannot tip over. These essential straps are a must-have if your baby is crawling or walking around the home on his/her own.

Babies frequently hold on to furniture and appliances for support while they are learning to walk. It may surprise you, but many babies can cause furniture to tip over, and this can lead to terrible consequences. Furthermore, there is always a chance that a piece of furniture or appliance suddenly falls down, and your baby could be near it or directly underneath it at that moment.  Don’t risk it and purchase some furniture safety straps and securely tie down all furniture to the walls or floors of your home. These inexpensive straps are available all over the internet for purchase and delivery. Get some for your home now and stay stress-free about your baby’s first steps around the house.

Corner Protectors

Even if there is no risk of a piece of furniture tipping over, what about the sharp corners jutting out of each and every table? A baby who is crawling, or learning to walk, could be prone to a lot of injuries due to these sharp and rough corners. This is especially the case because little ones learning to crawl and walk are at the same height as most table corners, increasing the chances of accidental injury. Don’t wait any longer; get corner protectors immediately for your baby’s safety.  

Cosy Angel has a set of 20 Anti-Collision Corner Cushion Guards to cover corners of all tables and make them soft and unable to cause any injury. The corner protectors can simply be slid onto any table corner, and then if your baby bumps against any sharp corner, the soft protector will prevent them from sustaining any injury. Get corner protectors from Cosy Angel now by clicking here.

Be the Baby to See for Yourself

To get an idea of which objects around the house are potentially dangerous for your baby, it is a good idea to see the house from a baby’s point of view! By that we mean, crawl on all fours in the areas where the baby will move, and look for potentially dangerous furniture pieces, appliances, and sharp corners. Then, use furniture safety straps and Cosy Angel’s Corner Cushion Guards in those areas and you can rest assured that your baby’s precious steps will always be safe.


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