Keep Your Bath Toys Clean and Mold Free

Mold on bath toys can be a very ugly sight. But more that looking yucky, mold can actually cause allergic reactions to kids and adults alike, especially for anyone with very weak immune system. Some of the common allergic reactions include skin rashes, sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose.

Bath toys are the number one suspect when it comes to growing molds because their nooks and crevices may remain damp even after wiping them, and this is the perfect breeding ground for this pesky fungi.

Keep your kids safe by following any or all of these tried and tested ways to keep bath toys squeaky clean and mold free!

  • Throw them in the wash. Simple, easy and can do the job well. However, this only works for mildly soiled toys. If the molds are already too thick, this might not be your best bet.
  • Bleach them. Bleach bath is still the number solution to cleaning moldy bath toys. Simply mix ½ to ¾ cup of bleach in a gallon of water, soak the toys for an hour or so, give them a good scrub and rinse well. Bleach has a strong offensive smell so make sure to rinse several times and air dry your toys.
  • Go natural with vinegar. If you’re worried that bleach is too strong, opt for nature’s natural anti-bacterial. Just like what you do with bleach bath, you need to mix ½ cup of white vinegar per gallon of water, soak and use a scrubber to clean the toys.
  • Now that you’ve cleaned your toys, prevent molds from growing back by making sure that you dry the toys every after bath, and keep them well ventilated in a wire rack or a mold-resistant mesh bag like our very own Bath Toy Organiser.
  • A little trick to save yourselves from having to clean the insides of the bath toys is to seal the holes that are usually found under them. Simply seal them using a glue gun and you’d never have to worry about your little ones drinking from their squeezable toys!

With proper care, cleaning and storage, you should be able to keep your kids’ toys mold free for a longer time. However, keep an eye on the toys and clean them regularly, ideally at least every two weeks. If the toys are too moldy to be saved, better toss them in the bin than risk your family’s health.




  • Very useful tips! vinegar- such a handy cleaning agent! Thanks..

  • Great tips! I always worry about those bath toys when the little one was still a baby. I like the cleaning with vinegar tip, we do that at home too!

    Mae |

  • Vinegar is my preferred method to clean with. I hate the little bath toys that squirt…. UGH they are impossible to clean!

    Caitlin @RogersPartyof5
  • Vinegar is my go to whenever it comes to cleaning toys for the little one! These are some great tips for preventing mold in bath toys. I have a nice little caddy that we use to dry his toys out. The last thing you need is for your kid to be playing with something that could potentially get them very sick!

  • Freaked me right out when I realized how moldy they became inside! Wish I’d discovered it much earlier than I did!


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