How to Dress Kids for the Cold Winter

Have you heard the news? The UK is bracing for the coldest winter in five years!

The next question that parents ask is how to dress the kids properly for the freezing cold? Winter is best enjoyed when we are dressed properly. Keeping our kids properly equipped for the cold weather is also key for both health and safety. Our goal is to keep our little ones warm and dry. We don’t want them to be too hot inside as they will start sweating and being damp inside is both uncomfortable and risky as they can lose body heat more quickly. More so, there’s a risk of overheating.

Parents, keep notes of these tried and tested tips to keep your children warm, safe and comfortable this winter.

  • It’s all about layering! Dressing your kids in layers allows you flexibility to adjust though temperature or activity changes throughout the day. The first layer or base should be thin, comfortable and able to wick moisture away from the skin. Polyester is a great choice. Make sure that the inner layer covers as much skin as possible Middle layer acts as insulators. Wool and fleece are great choices to keep warm insulation for the body. Lastly, the outer layer should provide water and wind protection. Nylon snow coats work great. Choose a coat with a high collar and hood, as our necks are major source of heat loss. Get bib-type snow pants when your kids plan to play in the snow for a few hours.
  • Feet protection is important. Choosing the right winter boots is essential. There are a lot of boots that are cute but do not necessarily offer water and snow protection. Rain boots are okay for warmer days, but a reliable, non-slip snow boots are necessary especially when going outdoors in the thick of winter. Don’t forget to use layering technique for the feet too, starting with a thin layer of polyester socks followed by thicker wool socks.
  • Don’t forget your scarves and mittens. Scarves will cover the neck and prevent loss of body heat. If you are afraid that scarves might be a hazard for smaller children, consider getting them tube scarves. Mittens will protect their tiny hands and again, can be used in layers with thin inner gloves and waterproof mittens over it.
  • Get them hats and sunnies/goggles. Hats should ideally cover their ears for added warmth. You can choose to get beanies with colours or characters they love to make sure they’ll like wearing them and keep them on. Sunnies on the other hand will protect their eyes from the light that bounces from the snow.
  • Keep your winter clothes dry. Winter clothing can be really expensive, especially when our kids grow so fast. You’ll find that most winter clothing will last them 2-3 wears the most! Hence, there’s nothing wrong with hand-me-downs. If you have several kids or nephews and nieces, make sure to maintain the winter clothing by ensuring that you dry them out once you’re indoors. Hang coats, scarves and hats to in a warm and dry area of the house.
  • Lastly, be in the know! Make it a point to always check the weather forecast every time you leave the house and adjust your children’s clothing. Plan out according to the level of activity that you have during the day and make sure that your kids are always warm and comfortable throughout.

We hope you find these tips helpful. Here are some amazing finds for baby’s and kids’ winter clothing, which is still on Mid Season Sale!

Aside from preparing our kids’ wardrobe for the upcoming cold months, make sure to also update their flu vaccines as flu becomes so common during this season. Serving them hot bowls of pumpkin or tomato soup will also warm their tummies and spirits.


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