10 Ways to Prepare for Back to School Time

Back to school time can be both exciting and stressful for kids and parents alike. While summer saw plenty of free time, play and bonding activities, going back to school would mean large part of the day spent away from home learning and interacting with classmates and teachers. This can be quite scary for kids, and worrisome for parents. However, it also opens a whole lot of doors for you and your little ones. It’s normal to get a little anxious (and to miss having the kids around!), but with proper planning and organisation, you will have less stress and can focus more on the excitement that this new phase of life brings!

  1. Establish or get back to the school routine. A few weeks before school starts, get back to your school routine so you and your kids can gradually adjust. This includes setting specific sleeping and waking time reflecting that of school days. This will help reduce morning rush and tantrums.
  2. Visit school before the actual start of classes. Drop by your kids’ school a few weeks before classes start, especially if your child is going to a new school. This will help him/her get familiar and more comfortable with the surroundings. If possible, explore all facilities together and remind your child to take note of important facilities available such as bathrooms and school clinic.
  3. Shop for back to school materials together. Nothing excites the little ones every year than getting new school supplies! What’s even more exciting is to choose school stuff together. This will also help instill a sense of responsibility in your child.
  4. Reduce screen time. For most kids, summer means more TV or video game time, which won’t be the case when school actually starts. Start reducing their screen time a few weeks before classes, and instead encourage them to do other activities that are both fun and educational. Why not introduce them to new books or educational board games to play with their siblings?
  5. Set-up a homework corner. Allocate a space in the house where homework should be done every day. It’s good to a have a quiet space away from distractions but also easily accessible to you when they need help.
  6. Get organised – have a checklist and calendar. School means lots of paperwork not only for the kids, but also the parents! Getting more organised will save you a lot of stress. Use a daily checklist and stick with it, print a calendar or keep a virtual one on your phone where you pin important dates for school. Set-up alarms so you won’t miss anything important like your kids’ games or recital!
  7. Plan school meals. Make sure that your kids are eating right when they are away from home by planning school meals in advance. Thanks to the internet, resources are endless! Ask older kids to get involved in the preparation to instill excitement and responsibility too.
  8. Visit the doctor. Spending hours in school means getting exposed to germs and other sicknesses. Make sure to keep your kids’ immune system up by feeding them healthy food, ensuring they get enough sleep and that their vaccinations are up to date. It’s a good time to visit your family doctor for a full check too.
  9. Keep emergency numbers. It’s better to be prepared and know who to call for any unexpected incident.
  10. Enjoy the rest of summer. With proper planning and by following the tips above, you can now sit back and enjoy the remainder of summer with your little ones.

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  • Already bookmarked this link for my nephews and nieces. Very nice article and it would be unfair if I didn’t say that it is very informative for kids..A must read !

  • My son doesn’t start school until next year, but these are tips I haven’t even thought of needing. It makes sense to prepare for school this way and I bet it makes the transition from summer to school a lot easier.


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